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Human have  always had a thirst for knowledge – whether it be to improve their life and circumstances or out of sheer curiosity and the urge to get to the bottom of things. Without scientific discoveries, humanity would not have evolved at such a rapid pace. Life as we know it today would be unthinkable without the knowledge we gain through science and scholarship. Innovations and new insights are integrated into our lives in ever quicker succession. We watch scientists, technicians and inventors as they look for ways to increase human knowledge. These fascinating films accompany them in their Quest for Knowledge.
糧食與環保兼具的海藻-(1) 海洋中的褐金
   Seaweed:The Oceans’ Brown Gold


Seaweed is a source of iodine, which is an antiseptic. But that is not all: Scientist have discovered that large algae, which often grow in extensive underwater forests, have a whole range of other qualities. They’re indispensable for biodiversity and play a key role in the absorption of carbon dioxide and thus in climate protection. Research teams from France and Chile are working together to explore the scientific and economic potential of seaweed forests off the coasts of the two countries. Key goals are to promote seaweed farming and protect seaweed forests. They are a resource under threat: They will disappear if global warming continues at its current rate.

糧食與環保兼具的海藻-(2) 歐洲未來糧食的保障
   From the Garden of the Sea – Seaweed Farmers in Europe



Although 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, overall only a small fraction of our food comes from the sea. Seaweed is, however, a foodstuff that’s both nutritious and sustainable. While it has been on the menu in parts of eastern Asia for millennia, in other regions the idea is still catching on. Along the coast of Norway, where the waters are often very clear and nutrient-rich, the seaweed growing business is gradually gaining momentum.

   Geoengineering:Can Technology Save the Climate



If we fail to take drastic measures to protect the climate, we will be unable to keep global warming from exceeding the two degrees Celsius target set in the Paris Agreement. Most experts share this opinion. Meanwhile, researchers are investigating different ways to ensure we are still able to reach the goal. Increasingly, technologies are being discussed that can all be summarized with the term “geoengineering.” These include measures known as “direct air capture,” or the filtering of CO2 right out of the surrounding air, or processes such as “solar geoengineering.” The second method encompasses different ways of steering the sun’s rays away from the earth in order to slow the “greenhouse effect” and with it, global warming. Among the approaches discussed, for example, is a technologically challenging one that would install mirrors between the sun and the earth. More feasible are methods to brighten up the clouds in order to enhance their ability to reflect sunlight into space or darken the skies to provide cooling. This is something that’s been observed in ash clouds that come from volcanic eruptions.
All these processes involve making significant interventions in natural processes, the long-term consequences of which are barely foreseeable. Scientists, environmentalists and political decision makers are faced with a dilemma. Geoengineering holds out rapid remedies to the extremes of climate change. But at what price?

   Bacteria Both Friend and Foe



Bacteria have a bad reputation. They are associated with death and disease and are considered by many to be an invisible evil. How is it then, that humans carry as many bacteria and other microorganisms, both outside and inside, as the body's own cells? The answer is simple: because bacteria are vital for human health. Different areas of the body, such as the nose, mouth or intestines, form their own ecosystems, where different types of bacteria contribute. Researchers are now looking into which bacteria in each space are important and which are harmful. Both medical science and the industry are using this knowledge to develop new drugs and cleaning agents. These are no longer intended to kill all bacteria, as antibiotics or aggressive chemical cleaning agents do, but intervene in a regulating way, by creating a healthy balance that promotes the bacteria that are useful and beneficial to us humans. In this way, not only can diseases be treated individually, but the danger of multi-resistant superbugs is lessened as well.

   mRNA Technology–Medicine's New Miracle Weapon

探討mRNA 疫苗在對抗COVID-19 大流行中的成功,以及這種技術在未來對治療和預防其他疾病的潛在應用,mRNA技術的突破為醫學領域帶來了巨大的轉變,同時也提出仍需進一步研究和評估的風險和挑戰。


The coronavirus crisis was a turning point in the development of messenger RNA technology. For a long time, it didn’t seem suited to therapeutic use, until it was successfully used as the basis for vaccines against Covid-19. mRNA technology has been undergoing rapid development ever since, bringing scientists working in the field closer to their goals, including the treatment of previously incurable heart and tumor diseases. More than 150 mRNA-based therapies and vaccines are in development worldwide. We explore the technology’s great potential and consider some of the risks.

   The Turbo Evolution:Urban Flora and Fauna



If they are to survive, animals and plants must adapt to life in our increasingly urbanized world, for example by changing their eating habits or mating behavior. Nature appears to be astonishingly adept at harnessing apparently hostile factors such as environmental and light pollution, noise, garbage and the dense built environment as a motor for change. Many of these adaptations are reflected in changes to animal and plant DNA. In this turbocharged evolution, genetic material changes over just a few decades instead of millennia. What does this mean for the relationship between humans and nature?

   Isolation: endurance test for body and mind



People travel to the most remote regions of the earth, and even voyage into space. There, they spend weeks or even years isolated from the rest of humanity. What does this kind of extreme isolation mean, for the body and psyche? Scientists have conducted studies and found out that in isolation, certain brain structures change, in order to adapt to the new environment.
Isolation causes stress for all social animals. Humans, mice and even fish species develop behavioural problems, when isolated: Depression, anxiety or hyperactivity are the consequences. Stress caused by isolation also weakens the immune system. In a series of experiments, test subjects collected saliva, urine and hair. The samples showed that the stress hormone cortisol increased when the test subjects had experienced isolation.
During the global Corona pandemic, with government-imposed lockdowns and contact restrictions, research on isolation has come into focus. What effects do these exceptional situations have on people's bodies and minds? And: what resources do we have to help us survive phases of isolation?

    Viruses Inside Us



Viruses are everywhere. They are survival experts and may possibly have been the origin of all life on Earth. Viruses have served as an engine of evolution, including human development. Scientists say, around half of all human genetic material contains segments originating from viruses: long-term memory and embryonic pregnancy are just two examples. But viruses can also pose a threat: Pandemics such as the Spanish flu, AIDS, Ebola and most recently, CoVid-19. Researchers have found that these illnesses were likely caused by zoonotic diseases, which can be transmitted from animals to humans and vice versa. To prevent further epidemics, researchers are on the lookout for new virus variants: In the rainforests of Africa, they regularly analyze viruses carried by certain animal species. The aim is to identify risks for new zoonotic diseases at an early stage. The equilibrium between the viral and the human worlds plays an important role: Preserving biodiversity and animals’ natural habitat is key to protecting the world from dangerous new epidemics.


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